Time to Rewire Your Home?

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Whether you need help replacing old wiring or hooking up wiring to new outlets and lights, we have the right technician for the task. Residents in Lakewood or Elyria, OH come to Manges Electric for rewiring services. Our electrician has over 45 years of experience completing electrical rewiring tasks without causing damage to walls or ceilings.

Make sure your rewiring job is done correctly the first time. Hire our pro to tackle your project today.

5 signs you should rewire your home

There are a few ways to tell whether it's time to hire an electrical rewiring contractor. For example, you should consider rewiring your home if:

  • Lights dim, flicker or burn out regularly
  • The breakers trip or fuses blow frequently
  • Switch plates, cords or plugs are discolored
  • Burning smells or buzzing sounds are frequent
  • Sparks shoot out from your outlets when you plug in electronics
If you've noticed any of these red flags, don't wait - dial 216-990-5089 now to schedule rewiring services in Elyria, OH.